Spring break..

I had sooo much fun in Mi..OMG!!! HAHa as you can tell there was a a LOT of sarcasm in that previous sentence. I worked hard all week. I can now pay off Hillcrest and get some new threads...ya dig? I have concluded that I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have one more full year of class then I am on internship and done with college at Ferris. Kinda scary. My Goal is to graduate Cum Laude (3.5 GPA) I think I can do it. I need to so I can have a better chance at getting accepted into Graduate School and maybe even med school. All I know is I must focus the CHEE lol and stay focused. I have also concluded that I am going to try and get another job up in BR. I have lots of free time this semester. Ok well that's enough of this crap for one night.

Winter Semester

Well This semester has been going good. 21st b-day was a hit. I've never been so drunk in my life. Ben's coming up this weekend for his 21st B-day. Bars....bars....bars....and bars. I've decided it is cool going to the bar!! I have lots of fun each and every time.


I made if back to Ferris Yesterday only to start in an early night of serious 12oz power lifts with D~Quest. We drank and drank and drank and drank and drank...and drank. Ok so you get the idea. I had 3 weeks of drinking to catch up on. I spent the rest of the night puking. I didn't get out of bed today till 5PM ish. HAHA damn hangovers! Tomarrow will be a pretty easy day. I am probably gonna roll out of bed about 9ish and head to the book store. Get my books, get my pay check, and work a few hours at FLITE. If time allows I think I will hit up the rec center as well.

Second to last day of work...

Another smooth sailing day. I didn't get much accomplished at work today. Things just weren't working out. I had half my day as crappy indirect labor. I figure I have gotten so much work done in the past that one day of Indirect shouldn't taint my record too much. Hopefully nobody tries anything tomarrow. Dudek and I went to Mongolian BBQ...goddamn mongolians!!! :p I get paid tomarrow so that is always good.

Some good quotes fromt the past week..
Rose Bowl....Will Ferril saying "What?!?!?!....I can't hear you I have a heisman trophy in my ear!!"
The Ringer...."When the fuck did we get ice-cream???"

Onto goals for this semester...
1.)I am going to get back in shape!!! Way too much lazyness last semester.
2.)Make the Dean's list again...it felt really good!!
3.)I want to TOTALLY get over Ashley...I am pretty much healed but still not 100%, maybe I just need another girl in my life?? dunno
4.)Get my RSO off the ground!!
5.)Turn 21 and live to tell about it :p

Oh and I just wanna give a shout out to my biggest livejournal fanatic..."A to the My" Thanks for all your support see you and quest in a few days. Be ready for our big screen ;)

Long day....& BROKE!!

Today was a long day. I work 8.5 hours at dowding and another 2.5 at Tom's. Today marks 26 days till my 21st b-day. RSVP now peeps. Quest and I might be throwing a super bowl kegger. It will start Friday at noon and go till noon Monday. More details to come.

HAHA...this is kind of pathetic but what else do you expect from a broke ass college kid. I put my last $3.65 in my car for gas today!! I hope that makes it till payday...probably not though. I have thousands I haven't even borrowed yet so I am not too worried.

One of those unforgettable/priceless moments in college...
It was just your average day in Anatomy and Physiology class 100+ students. We happen to be talking about the male reproductive system. My professor started talking about the chemical make up of semen. Semen is a sperm and fructose mix. As we all know fructose is a very sweet sugar. This is the good part. A girl in class had a question.."If there is fructose in semen, then why does it taste so bad?" HAHAHa we all kinda started snickering and the girl instantly realized what she said and got really embarrassed. She ran out of class crying. It happened over a year ago and I still laugh to this day about it. As Jeff Foxworthy would say, "Here's your sign."

New Years!!

Well New Years kinda sucked. We had a lot of good laughs at Ian's place but as far as getting ridiculously trashed...well...it just didn't happen. Oh well I turn 21 in 29 days so I'll just make up for it then! One more week of break then it is back to school. I am excited about this semester. I will have four day weekends every weekend and I turn 21 shortly. Classes shouldn't be too tough.

Soooooo many options

In order to increase my odds of getting in med school and getting the Health Professions Scholarship, my cousin recomends that I get a degree in Medical Physics. It is what I'll be doing with my nuke-med degree but much more interesting and fun. The income is triple. In order to get a masters in that I need to get a BS degree in physics. So I am looking at probably 30-40 credits more from MSU after I graduate from Ferris. I think I have a great foundation for this career route. Once I get the medical physics degree I have a much greater chance of getting into med school and getting the needed Air Force scholarship to afford it. I will be sacraficing a lot. I will be starting my actual life mid late 30's.

On to funner topics...
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON FOR NEW YEARS??? Still no set plans. Dave is getting pissed. I'll be 21 in 30 days!! I can't get too mad.

My Destiny?

I've been doing a lot of research lately. I think once I graduate from Ferris with my two degrees I am going to continue my education by taking Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Calculus, A&P, and Biochemestry. I know I had a hard time with chemistry and its not like me to make excuses but the professor was a real ASS HOLE and I hated going to class. He made the material not very fun to learn. Once all of those fun classes are complete I will take the MCAT and apply to every med school from east coast to west coast.

My first choice being Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Rochester Minnisota. If I get accepted I am going to apply for a Health Professions scholarship through the USAF and have them pay for it in full. I will instantly be a comissioned officer with the rank of 2nd Liutenate. They will pay my tuition in full and on top of that I will get almost $1300 a month stidpend to spend on apartment etc.... I have a pretty solid game plan. I'll do the best I can to stick to it. I think I'll be in debt around 50k from my undergrad. Making 50k a year I think I can pay that off before I go to med school and have the rest of the money saved up for a little nest-egg.

I really wanna go to medical school for a lot of reasons. I couldn't stand it if anyone in my high school class of '03 was more successful than me. I hate most of them and it would be good revenge for me. The most important reason is that after this semester I realized I loved these health care classes. I think that is the main reason I made the Dean's List. I love health care...and with the guidance of Dr. Ben Boedeker I think I'll be ok through the whole transition. THE KEY THING IS STAYING SINGLE as much as I'd like to be with someone again. I AM NOT LETTING A GIRL GET IN THE WAY. I still have a tough 5 years ahead of me but I plan on being accepted to med school in 2011. I'll be 26 years old and ready to work my butt off.

I feel sometimes like I have a bigger purpose in life. I think I'll never truely be happy with my career until I am an M.D.. I have a lot of work to do but I think I can do it. I have nothing to lose. I am out to prove a bunch of people wrong.

Back to the whole being single thing. This girl named Michelle who I work with from time to time isn't helping matters. She seems like a good catch. She works hard for the money but has great direction and good goals set. I guess I'll see where life carries me.